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VIDEO: Canadian snowmobilers rescue moose stranded in tree well

A group of men who were snowmobiling in western Newfoundland had the chance to be heroes last week.

They were riding on Wednesday, March 25 when they noticed a group of three moose traveling across the edge of a pond.

“A couple of us stopped to watch them from a distance and saw that one appeared to fall out of sight,” explained Mark Weir.

“Once the other two had traveled on, we approached the area to see what had happened and found that it had fallen into a tree well.”

According to Weir, they knew the animal would almost certainly die if they didn’t step in, so they “decided to do our best to give it a fighting chance and try to dig it out.”

The moose was deep into the tree well, so it took some planning and a lot of digging that give it a way out of its tricky predicament.

Eventually, they get to the end of the process and carefully get rid of the last bit of snow while making sure the moose doesn’t spring to life and run them over while running out of the tree well.

“Now, go away from us, not towards us, please,” says Weir as the moose frees itself. “Go find your friends!”

And the beautiful animal does, running off into the bush, surely appreciative for the action of these men.

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